Thick patterned/texture wire - brass and copper wire - bracelets/rings/bangles


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  • choice of different metals -  ready to be made into bangles or bracelets or rings 
  • come as straight as possible - rear can be stamped but some sanding and buffing maybe needed to finish
  • you must anneal which may take a couple of times before bending to reduce risk of breaking
  • PLAIN options come with smoother ends and are tumbled - great for forming into wavy cuffs with bracelet formers from Proops Brothers or Elsilver Jewellery supplies on etsy
  • PATTERNED are shear cut, untumbled to the nearest cm - make sure you order your lengths in one batch as batches can vary with production
  • most standard rings are 60-70mm so tried to choose to give you good value for money
  • can be formed into a cuff, or soldered to make gorgeous rings or bangles
  • Patterns are all made here at JSB
  • patterned wire ends up half round shaped so flat on the back
  • 3.2mm brass is bare brass 70/30 - copper/zinc
  • 3.2mm copper is bare copper 99.97% pure
  • all specifications directly from my UK supplier


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  • Clare Gladding



    Having recently used a selection of these wonderful wires I would like to recommend them all 100%! Such a lovely selection of patterns and to my knowledge the ONLY place online offering such a product. Copper is my personal favourite! Add some real diversity to your pieces with these. No end to the possibilities!