INTRO PRICE - Large bear metal stamping/engraving blank - 1.5mm stainless - laser cut (2)


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  • Kevin Potter large bear
  • 1.5mm surgical grade stainless steel
  • MIRROR - these come mirror polished with plastic to one side to protect the mirror finish - the rears need sanding or polishing as could have surface marks/scratches - these can be made into a matt finish with wire wool or high grade 1000 grit sandpaper to give a different finish
  • TUMBLE - I can tumble but this will remove the mirror polish finish and leave a normal shiny finish similar to tumbled aluminium - polishing to a higher shine can be done with 1500 grit plus sandpaper. nail buffers, mothers mags etc
  • the laser nobble needs removing with a good quality file
  • pics shows with plastic -  pic sanding out of scratches before polishing and other finishes
  • holes can be added under main menu - holes - add number you need


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