Guillotine cut - Cuff metal stamping blanks - aluminium, copper and brass


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  • Whilst there is plastic coating to both sides - this does not guarantee a mark free surface underneath - one side is normally clean as produced at the mill - the other the plastic is added post production - some marks may be present and need sanding/tumbling or polishing
  • Sometimes the plastic can leave marks on the surface of the metal - this can be removed with sticky stuff remover or nail polish remover or brasso :)
  • JSB is pleased to offer a full range of guillotine cut cuff blanks
  • these are available in 10mm, 15,, 20mm and 25mm widths 
  • 125mm, 150mm and 180mm lengths
  • 1.5mm and 2mm aluminium
  • 1.2mm copper and brass
  • great care is taken to ensure straight cuts are made but as done by hand -/+1mm tolerance is to be expected
  • these come with protective plastic to at least one side and are not tumbled - plastic has been removed for the pictures only
  • plastic coating is to protect surface during cutting - it does not guarantee a scratch free surface
  • some filing of the edges will be required to make them finished
  • they come with rounded corners
  • Please dont add for tumbling - as they have a larger surface area i can not guarantee the finish


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  • Gilly Sprott


    Great blank cuffs.

    These blank cuffs are great for making personalised cuffs. great quality, speedy delivery, well packaged.

  • Dawn Gill

    Well finished

    really nicely cut and finished, resulting in minimal clean up at my end :-) Great customer service and fast turnaround.

  • Kirsten Davidson


    Very pleased

    Straight cuts and clean edges. Good quality copper and brass at a competitive price. More variety of sizes than Impressart blanks and other blank sellers (e.g. Ebay, Etsy). Will order again!

  • Susan Fleming


    Great blanks

    I love using the blanks, I texture them in different ways to make lovely cuffs.