100mm coaster/ring tray metal stamping blank - various guages - aluminium, brass and copper

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  •  JSB is happy to bring out these massive laser cut 100mm round discs
  • 2mm aluminium, brass or copper for a very heavy chunky look
  • 1.5mm aluminium , 1.2mm aluminium 1.2mm copper and brass for a less chunky look 
  • PLEASE NOTE these are supplied raw and will need polishing/buffing/and could have marks/scratches - due to large surface area i cant guarantee finish on them if tumbled - brasso/mothers mag/autosol work a treat
  • The brass and copper will have marked surfaces from the splatter guard in cutting and look dark - this does however with elbow grease come off - dont not buy if unsure or i can supply a picture
  • these make fantastic coasters or ring trays - what would you make?
  • the brass and copper would do well being annealed before working as very tough


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  • Lisa Whitfeld


    Great !

    Yes, some elbow grease was required to clean some of those I ordered but not much and nothing out of the norm. Great weight! Very reasonalbly priced! Will buy again. Thank you